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Case Interview End-to-End Secrets Program

Uncover the secrets to a $100,000/year job offer with 60-hour worth of learning content, for the price of a 1-hour coaching session

 Case Interview End-to-End Secrets Program

What if you can learn ALL the secrets INSIDE THE MIND of a consultant?

A case interview is in fact a real consulting project in simulation

It means that the goal of any case interview is NOT to find the correct answer to the case, but to convince interviewers that you can do well in a REAL project with REAL clients

To do so, you must learn what composes a REAL consultant - THE 3 KEY PILLARS OF THINK - SPEAK - ACT

This End-to-End package will teach all the key fundamentals of those key pillar, fool-proof by our ex-McKinsey founders

Learning these skills are completely available at your finger tips. You will receive the value of 3 coaching sessions with the price of ONE

What if you can learn ALL the secrets INSIDE THE MIND of a consultant?

Our Tips & Techniques videos has been updated!

10 case interview simulation videos providing 100+ performance feedbacks
(Newly released!) 1 new video: Mock case from our coaches with detailed comments from Kim Tran

The new version of the Tips and Techniques videos will teach you both the behavior and thinking process of a consultant

Our videos are not just typical mock case videos on the Internet, which give you a series of "perfect" answers to a case and teach you to be a copycat, not being a real consultant.

There will be detailed explanation WHY a potential candidate acts in a certain way, and HOW those small actions and behaviors will illustrate and convince that you can be a REAL consultant

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 Case Interview End-to-End Secrets Program

Kim Tran

Founder of MConsultingPrep

Ex-McKinsey consultant | Experienced interviewer

Top Youtuber on consulting topic | Performance coach & mentor

600+ coaching sessions | 200+ candidates

Hi Kim, I have followed MConsultingPrep since day 1 and was really amazed by your free content quality. This premiumproduct didn't let me down. Your Math Drill product in the E2E package has helped me communicate my approach to Mathproblems better. I never thought I can get the offer from McKinsey without investing much in prep's product.

Agust Muller


I know this website from their Youtube videos on market-sizing questions, and the blog content are much more insightful andrelatable than I expected. Also the end-to-end in the package are a game changer, since they helped me land an offer with Bainand a boutique firm in Spain. My approach to casing and problem solving has completely improved ever since.

Julian Martin


The E2E package was particularly of great help to me because I cae from a non-business background. The Everyone can makeit to consulting message from Kim really resonates with me and I was not let down. I felt like the E2E content can be consumedby anyone since it is all structured and detailed, very suitablefor self-paced learning and growth

Christ Goldberg


I followed the steps in the guidebook and was strict with myself to answer the practice questions as in a real case interview. Theimprovement was fast and I got a lot more confident prior to my official interviews with BCG, which helped boost my performance a lot!

Takayo Kishimoto


I did not have much time preparing for the case interviews so I relied on MConsultingPrep Youtube videos and blog posts since day 1.Besides, I think the decisions to book urgent sessions with their coaches and purchsed an end to end package were really worth it! I reallyappreciate the quality they delivered in such a short time!

Chen Xu


Case Interview End-to-End Secret Programs

Equip you with the key skills to be a potential candidate, with only 1/3 of the cost