​​4 Remarkable Case Interview Books Every Candidate Needs

In this article, I have synthesized a comprehensive list of all must read case interview books for every management-consultant-to-be. They are some of the most read, containing the most fundamental knowledge to be successful in case interview.

At the end of the article, I will also give away exclusive resources to help you on your course of training. Here is the case interview books list.

Case interview book list

The following reads are my personal recommendations for anyone wishing to join one of the MBB firms – these books will guide you through the case interview process, providing you with foundational principles as well as tips and tricks to make yourself stand out.

You may find these books online in various form, but since piracy is unethical and illegal, I strongly advise you to purchase the books for yourself.

Book What you’ll learn
Case Interview End-to-End Secrets
by Kim Tran
Kim Tran’s principle is “Anyone can make it to consulting”.

Case interview tips & tricks: aimed at training you to have a good set of habits and methodology in case interviews. E.g: how to communicate your thoughts, when to ask questions, what to do when being stuck, etc.

Case interview business intuition: aimed at helping you improve business sense and intuition so that you can be insightful in tackling case interview questions. E.g: the ability to catch important pieces of data, the ability to draw creative and practical solutions to defined problems, etc.

Consulting math: aimed at strengthening your quantitative proficiency, i.e: how fast and accurate you are with numbers in case interviews (and more).​

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Case in Point
by Marc Cosentino
An old but golden book. The book provides:

Various sets of case interview samples.
12 different case interview frameworks.
The context of a case interview.

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Case Interview Secrets
by Victor Cheng
The book succeeds in walking you through the interview process, keeping the big picture from all perspectives in your mind:

Plenty of case examples and tips.
Rationality between the lines.
All the basic case and frameworks.

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Mastering the
Case Interview

by Alexander Chernev
A great book with many case contexts and a thorough overview of the cases. However, it seems more suitable for advanced learners, as there are not many explanations and rationale provided.

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Exclusive materials

Below are some exclusive material on case interviews written by former consultants from MConsulting Prep and more. They are all available for immediate download, without putting you through any medium site or requiring any email registrations.

Hopefully these case interview materials will be helpful to you!

Case Interview Framework Dictionary v2 Free McKinsey PST – TOYO Actual Case Interview Samples
Free BCG Potential Test Official Guide on Case Interviews (Vault) Demystifying Case Interview (Quartz Consulting)

All the books and materials mentioned in this articles are excellent resources, but take lots of time to digest! So if you want a quick, 30-minute crash course on all the important mechanisms and instant-result tips for case interviews, I have just the right resource for you, in the article below!

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