Mettl Tests: All Format with Examples & Guidelines

Mettle tests are pre-hiring assessments developed by Mettl, an end-to-end exam platform trusted by over 6,000 clients worldwide. Among the assessments available, Mettl aptitude tests are the most common tools used by most companies to measure and track candidates’ cognitive ability, which is essential for any position.

What’s inside Mettl online aptitude assessments? How to answer each type of the tests? Let’s figure it out in this article!

What are Mettl Tests?

Mettl tests are assessment tools provided by Mercer Mettl to help companies measure candidates’ competencies in various aspects, including aptitude skills, personalities, or behaviors at the workplace. Below are a wide variety of online assessment types that Mettle provides:

  • Personality tests
  • Behavioral assessments
  • Aptitude tests
  • Coding tests
  • Role-based tests
  • Remote work assessments
  • High-potential identification
  • Learning agility
  • Language proficiency test
  • Background checks
  • Drug tests

In this article, we will take a closer look into the most common type of assessment used by almost all companies around the world: Mettl aptitude tests.


Mettl aptitude tests

Mettl aptitude tests focus on the cognitive ability and reasoning skills of candidates. There are 9 major question types, each of which aims to assess one domain that employers seek in candidates:

  • Numerical Reasoning Tests: Perform arithmetic operations accurately and quickly.
  • Data Interpretation Tests: Analyze numerical data, tables and graphs to find trends and patterns.
  • Verbal Ability Tests: Read, process, and synthesize written information.
  • Logical Reasoning Tests: Analyze given information to draw a logical conclusion.
  • Critical Reasoning Tests: Recognize assumptions and evaluate arguments.
  • Abstract Reasoning Tests: Make generalizations and detect patterns or relationships.
  • Spatial Reasoning Tests: Visualize and manipulate 2D or 3D figures.
  • Visual Reasoning Tests: Pay attention to details and detect errors.
  • Decision Making Tests: Provide solutions to tackle a given scenario

The later part of this article will provide in-depth knowledge about each test type: what to expect and answer guides for sample questions to understand how it works.


Mettl numerical ability rests

Mettl numerical ability tests require you to perform basic calculations to solve a word problem, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Besides accuracy, you also have to maintain speed, as there will be 35 minutes to complete 20 questions. By that, the hiring company hopes to see candidates’ excellent math skills and numerical aptitude. This test type can be demonstrated by the questions below.

Example 1

Source: MConsultingPrep

Answer: B


Climbers save 15% by buying the complete set instead of separate tools. This means that the cost of the set is equal to 100% – 15% = 85% of the total costs of separate tools.

Therefore, the total cost of buying all tools separately is:

$2,450/(100% – 15%) = $2,882.35

Example 2:

Source: MConsultingPrep

Answer: C


Let X be the last month’s capital mobilization of John, so $39,000 – X will be that of George.

This month, John’s capital mobilization is 1.1X, and that of George is:

1.15 × ($39,000 – X) = $44,850 – 1.15X.

We have: 1.1X + $44,850 – 1.15X = $44,500, thus X = $7,000.

So John’s capital mobilization this month is 1.1 x $7,000 = $7,700

And that of George is $44,500 – $7,700 = $36,800


Mettl data interpretation tests

This test type asks you to identify patterns and trends in data sets from both graphical and tabular formats. The exam lasts 35 minutes and contains 20 questions, evaluating your data interpretation and analytical skills.

Example 3

Source: MConsultingPrep

Answer: A


Growth rate of Economics students in Public College: (120 – 100) / 100 = 20%

Growth rate of Economics students in Community College: (70 – 50) / 50 = 40%

Thus, the growth rate of Economics students in Public College is less than that of Community College in the given period.

Example 4

Source: MConsultingPrep

If the compound rate of interest is 10% per annum, what will be the value of investments in Sun Avenue after 5 years of completion? Select the closest value.

A. €1,375M

B. €402M

C. €258M

D. €354M

Answer: B


The initial investment = $250M, interest = 10%, and the time period = 5 years

Similarly, apply the same formula mentioned above, we have

A = 250 (1 + 10%)^5 = €402.6M


Mettl verbal ability tests

This test contains 30 questions to be completed in 30 minutes. There are 3 question types focusing on different areas of verbal reasoning skills, namely:

  • Grammar: In this question type, you are given a statement with a blank space, which you have to fill out the best answer among 4 options to get a grammatically correct sentence. Besides fill-in-the-blank, some questions can be error-checking.
  • Vocabulary: After reading a short passage, you have to find the synonym or antonym of a highlighted word.
  • Comprehension: You are asked to arrange 4 given sentences logically to get a complete and comprehensive piece of information.

Now, let’s explore each of the 3 questions above!

Example 5: Fill in the blank

They _ for this company for 5 years.

A. have worked

B. work

C. worked

D. are working

Answer: A

Example 6: Read the following passage and answer the given question

The researchers assessed the environmental performance of DAC in the context of three scenarios. The strictest called for climate change mitigation efforts that are in line with the current goals of the Biden administration for decarbonizing the domestic electricity sector by 2035, reaching a decarbonized economy by 2050, and thus staying in line with the Paris Agreement toward 2100. According to these scenarios, DAC would start to be deployed in the United States around 2050. There is a misalignment between the goal of the U.S. government and the Paris Agreement in the process of removing carbon dioxide from the economy.

Choose the correct synonym for the word deployed.

A. terminated

B. continued

C. cancelled

D. installed

Answer: D

Question 7: Give a logical order to the following sentences

A. Exposure to natural environments is associated with affective benefits such as reducing stress and adverse effects and increasing positive effects and subjective well-being.

B. Specifically, the results of previous studies showed that the availability of nature and green spaces in a living environment is associated with higher nature contact, especially in high-urbanization cities.

C. Studies report that nature exposure is associated with nature proximity.

D. Mounting evidence suggests that nature exposure has numerous effects on physiological and psychological health, such as reduced stress, decreased blood pressure, enhanced immune system resources, increased physical activity, enhanced positive body image, lower depression and anxiety, better sleep quality and happiness, and restored cognitive function.

Answer: C-B-D-A


Mettl logical reasoning tests

Read more: Logical Reasoning Test Overview

In Mettl logical reasoning tests, you are given a set of premises from which you have to choose one logical answer. A full test takes you 30 minutes to complete 20 questions. Employers can assess your logical thinking skills through this test type, specifically how you process information in a logical order and arrive at a sensible conclusion. Here are some examples of how a logical reasoning test will be:

Example 8

Source: MConsultingPrep

Answer: B


We have a group of five married couples Mrs & Mr James, Mrs & Mr Habert, Mr & Mr Robert, Mrs & Mr Oscar, Mrs & Mr Smith.

The group of wives is facing North, then the group of husbands is facing South.


From clue (1), we get:

Mr Smith is somewhere between the 2nd, 3rd and 4th position.

From clue (2), we get:

[Mr Robert-Mr Habert] and [Mr Oscar-Mr James] are certainly next to each other in that order. Then, we can infer that Mr Smith is definitely in the center (the 3rd position).

There are two possibilities for men as follows:

Possibility 1: [2]

Possibility 2: [3]

(remember all husbands are facing South)

However, from clue (4), the second possibility is not accepted because Mr James has to be second to Mr Habert’s left.

The final arrangement will be as [4]

Therefore, Mrs Smith is sitting to the immediate right of Mrs James.

Example 9

Source: MConsultingPrep

Answer: B


We will break down each premise and build reaction tracker:

M was the 1st one to deliver the report ⇒ Their assistant D is the 2nd.

A is L’s first assistant ⇒ L always reports immediately before A

A reports immediately before O

⇒ The arrangement [L → A → O] is fixed

G is N’s first assistant ⇒ N always reports immediately before G ⇒ The arrangement [N → G] is fixed

From the above two conclusions, the only plausible arrangement to ensure O was not the last speaker is as illustrated in the image.

Therefore, L ranks 3rd.


Mettl critical reasoning tests

Mettl critical reasoning tests consist of a situation followed by 4 statements on either assumptions or arguments. Your job is to identify which one is the strong, valid conclusion that can be drawn from the given premises. You have a time limit of 30 minutes to complete 21 questions. This assessment evaluates candidates’ critical thinking mindset, which is vital to make rational decisions later on. Now, let’s look at an example below to understand better this type:

Example 10 

Source: MConsultingPrep

Answer: C

Explanation: The second sentence of the passage has the same meaning with option C. “shrunk” and “decrease sharply” are synonyms and “more than half” is equal to “more than 50%”.


Mettl abstract reasoning tests

Abstract reasoning tests ask you to identify patterns and relationships between a series of abstract figures. A full Mettl abstract reasoning test includes 23 questions under a time limit of 30 minutes. Through this assessment, the hiring company wants to measure your ability to think laterally and make logical connections between concepts. Below are some typical questions of this type:

Example 11: Which comes next in the sequence?

Source: A book named “How to pass diagrammatic reasoning tests”

Answer: A

Explanation: Each figure rotates 90 degrees counterclockwise.

Example 12: Which is the missing tile?

Source: A book named “How to pass diagrammatic reasoning tests”

Answer: A


Rule 1: Boxes marked with odd numbers (1;3) contain a square, while even-numbered boxes (2;4) contain a triangle.

Rule 2: Odd-numbered boxes (1;3) contain a downward arrow, while even-numbered boxes (2;4) contain an upward one.


Mettl spatial reasoning tests

In spatial reasoning assessments, you will have to match, rotate, or combine figures to make a complete solid shape or cube in two or three dimensions. A Mettl ready-to-use spatial test is 30 minutes, which requires you to answer 30 questions. This test type aims to assess your mental ability to visualize and manipulate figures, defined as spatial reasoning skills.

Example 13: Identify the 3D shape’s net?

Source: A book named “How to pass diagrammatic reasoning tests”

Answer: C

Example 14: What is the cross-section of this 3D shape?

Source: A book named “How to pass diagrammatic reasoning tests”

Answer: A


Mettl visual reasoning tests

Your job in Mettle visual reasoning tests is to spot differences between two pictures to determine whether they are identical or identify the exact same statement as a given one. Once you finish this test type, the hiring company can have a clearer view of your detail-oriented and error-detection skills, which is helpful for any position to avoid unwanted mistakes at work.

Example 15: Are the two images given below the same or different?

Answer: The two images are different

Explanation: The one-shaded-side cube at the center is missing an edge.

Example 16: Which of the following matches the pattern, “COULD YOU PLEASE GIVE ME SOME SPACE?”





Answer: C


Mettl decision-making tests

Mettl decision making tests are often under the format of a case study, in which you have to analyze a situation and give an optimal solution. You will be given one question, normally a case study, to solve in 30 minutes. Through the test, you can perform your problem-solving and decision-making skills in a business context.

NOTE: Questions of this type vary in specific positions and companies. Therefore, it is crucial to understand and acquire the skills needed for the role you apply for, and research the company’s culture and values to help you ace this test type.

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