Wells Fargo Online Tests: Types, Examples & Free Practice

The Wells Fargo online assessment is the second step in their hiring process, which checks your math, logic, and reading skills. 

But that's not all! They also want to see how you behave and handle situations related to the job you're applying for. So, it's important to show both your skills and personality to stand out. 

This guide gives tips and info about the test, helping you better prepare. Plus, we've got free practice stuff to help you get ready. Keep reading to ace the test and land your dream job at Wells Fargo!


Introduction to Wells Fargo & Company

Wells Fargo & Company is an American multinational financial services firm with around $1.9 trillion in assets. 

As the third-largest bank in the US, it offers many different services, like personal bank accounts, loans, and credit cards. 

The bank focuses on serving local communities and provides a lot of different financial products, making it easy for customers to manage their money all in one place.


Introduction to Wells Fargo online tests

Overview of Wells Fargo online tests

The second recruitment step before interviews

Wells Fargo uses tests as part of its hiring process, usually after screening job applications. These tests help decide if candidates have the right skills and qualities needed for the job. 

Although not all jobs need these tests, they are a common part of applying for many positions at Wells Fargo.

If you pass the test, you may proceed to the interview stage, which can be a phone interview, a group interview, or a one-on-one interview with hiring managers or recruiters. 

Depending on the job, there might be several interviews before a final decision is made.

Three steps in Wells Fargo’s hiring process 

Three types of multiple-choice tests

The tests at Wells Fargo are usually done online with multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The type of assessment you get depends on the job you are applying for. Here are the three most common ones:

  • Bank Teller Assessment: This test checks your skills in customer service, math, attention to detail, and verbal communication. You need to pass this test to apply for teller jobs. If you don't pass, you can try again after six months.

  • Personal Banker Assessment: This test has two parts. One part is about numbers, like basic math and percentages. The other part is about understanding and explaining complex banking policies to customers.

  • Financial Analysts Assessment: This test is for jobs in finance. It checks how good you are with Excel, doing math, handling large data sets, and making good decisions in different situations.

Although Wells Fargo classifies diverse assessments for their different hiring positions as mentioned above, we can group them into 3 main types of tests based on question objectives: aptitude, behavioral, and job skill tests. This simplifies the preparation process and makes it more logical and systematic.

Three common types of Well Fargo online assessment tests

Pass rate and note for candidates

The pass rates for these tests are usually between 20% and 40%

It’s important to know that good math skills and problem-solving abilities are very important for all jobs in the finance industry.


Wells Fargo aptitude test 

Numerical reasoning test

At Wells Fargo, some jobs require you to take a math test. This test checks how good you are with numbers and if you can use them well. 

 It includes basic math like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You'll also need to understand percentages, ratios, and simple statistics

Additionally, you might have to read information from graphs or charts. Being able to understand data from graphs and charts is important for many jobs at Wells Fargo, especially those that involve analyzing financial information or making decisions based on data.

An example of a numerical reasoning question
(Source: MConsultingPrep’s Aptitude Test Package)

Answer: A. $2,882.35


Climbers save 15% by buying the complete set instead of separate tools. 

This means that the cost of the set is equal to 100% - 15% = 85% of the total costs of separate tools.

Therefore, the total cost of buying all tools separately is $2,450/(100% - 15%) = $2,882.35

Verbal reasoning test

Wells Fargo's verbal reasoning test evaluates how well you understand and use words and language. 

It includes questions that assess reading comprehension, vocabulary, and the ability to understand and interpret written information. You may encounter passages of text followed by questions that test your ability to draw conclusions, make inferences, or identify the main idea. 

Doing well on this test is important for roles that involve communication, such as customer service or explaining banking policies to customers.

An example of a verbal reasoning question
(Source: MConsultingPrep’s Aptitude Test Package)

Answer: A. Lower sea level


According to the passage, it can easily be seen that global weather pattern will lead to flooding, drough, stronger tropical storms and a rise in sea level. There is no detail about the lower sea level.

Logical reasoning test (Inductive reasoning test)

Logical reasoning tests measure how well candidates can think logically and solve problems. 

In Wells Fargo online assessment test, they use inductive reasoning questions, also referred to as abstract reasoning, to prompt you to recognize and interpret patterns among various subjects and select the appropriate pattern for those subjects.

An example of an inductive reasoning question
(Source: MConsultingPrep’s Aptitude Test Package)

Answer: D.


There are four elements: arrow, triangle, square, circle.

There are two rules: alternation and connection.

1. The number of triangles is in the sequence of 1, 2, 3 (and vice versa)

2. The number of big circles in the shape below defines the number of arrows in the shape above.

The color of the shapes is a distractor.

So, the next figure has one triangle and one arrow since there is one big circle in the shape below.

Are you looking for practice tests to prepare for your application process? MConsultingPrep offers a test package with over 1400 questions on numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning to help you succeed. Sign up for a free trial and start practicing today!


Wells Fargo behavioral test 

Situational judgment test

This test evaluates your ability to handle different workplace situations effectively. 

You are presented with hypothetical situations you might encounter on the job, such as customer interactions or problem-solving challenges. You are then asked to choose the best course of action from a set of response options. 

This assessment aims to assess candidates' judgment, decision-making skills, and alignment with the company's values and policies. 

It can be hard to prepare for specific situations, but you can do better by learning what the company expects and thinking about common work situations for the job you want.

An example of a situational judgment question (reconstructed interface)

Answer: A, B


Most likely to make: A. Raising the issue is necessary, but it's also critical to inspire the housekeeping staff and give them confidence in the value of their work. Letting everyone know what's happening with the task is also important.

Least likely to make: B. The housekeeping staff would think it unfair if they didn't know why they had to put in two hours of overtime, which would be a fault. As a result, they won't have any motivation to give their work their all.


Wells Fargo job-skill test 

Microsoft Excel test

Wells Fargo's Microsoft Excel test is a standardized assessment that measures how well you can use this powerful spreadsheet software. It is commonly used for analyst positions

The test includes various tasks, starting from basic to more advanced functions within Excel. It evaluates proficiency in creating and formatting spreadsheets, performing calculations with formulas and functions, managing datasets, creating charts and graphs, and demonstrating data analysis techniques

The test measures your knowledge and skills in using Excel for organizing and analyzing data effectively.

An example of a Microsoft Excel test (reconstructed interface)

Answer: D. =MIN(B3:E6)


The range of cells in this case is B3:E6, which represents the quarterly sales amounts for the year 2023. The MIN function returns the minimum value in a range of cells, it can be used to determine the smallest value.

Customer service test

Wells Fargo's customer service test is designed for positions where employees interact with customers. 

It evaluates candidates' customer service skills, such as communication, problem-solving, empathy, and professionalism

The test assesses how well candidates handle customer interactions, resolve issues, and represent the company positively. Essentially, it helps determine if candidates have the potential to deliver excellent customer service and if they are a good fit for roles where they will be dealing directly with customers.

An example of a customer service test (reconstructed interface)

Answer: B. Offer the customer an alternative pizza.


You may solve the customer's disappointment and demonstrate your willingness to assist by providing an alternate pizza option.

This method finds a proactive solution that may be a good substitute, helps turn a bad situation into a good one, and learns more about the client.


Problem-solving test

Wells Fargo's problem-solving test assesses how well you can handle specific job-related problems. 

This test gives you simulated scenarios and tasks similar to those you might encounter at work. For each situation, you must choose the best answer from four options, which is a point different from the situation judgment test. 

This test helps determine if candidates can effectively solve problems and make good decisions in situations they will face on the job. For example, you might have to figure out how to plan a meeting, fix slow internet, or suggest ideas for a new product.

An example of scheduling a meeting (reconstructed interface)

Answer: C. Check the client’s time zone and suggest several date and time options that work for both the client and your manager.


This option considers the client’s availability and time zone. There are two key stakeholders: your manager and your client. You need to check their time zones and suggest several date and time options that work for both. This ensures the meeting is scheduled conveniently for everyone, reducing the risk of confusion and miscommunication.

An example of troubleshooting slow internet (reconstructed interface)

Answer: D. Walk the customer through a thorough troubleshooting process, including resetting modem and computer, checking cables and connections, and testing the internet speed.


This is the only method that demonstrates your dedication to offering first-rate customer service and might even be able to fix the problem without requiring a transfer of technical support.

It's important to keep in mind that the original question was a little confusing and used acronyms to clarify that CSR stands for customer service representative.

An example of making recommendations for a new product line (reconstructed interface)

Answer: B. Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the sales data, including market trends and competitor data, provide a recommendation based on your findings.


This enables you to provide a thorough understanding of the sales data, leading to more accurate and informed recommendations. Conducting a comprehensive analysis of the sales data is crucial for making well-informed decisions for your manager.

Versant voice test

Wells Fargo's Versant Voice Test, also known as the Versant English Test (Speaking), is designed for call center positions and non-native English candidates. The test lasts 17 minutes and includes six parts:

  • Part A: Reading – Candidates read sentences aloud.

  • Part B: Repeat – Candidates repeat sentences they hear.

  • Part C: Questions – Candidates answer simple questions.

  • Part D: Sentence Builds – Candidates rearrange words to form sentences.

  • Part E: Story Retellings – Candidates retell short stories.

  • Part F: Open Questions – Candidates respond to open-ended questions.

You need a minimum of 60 scores to pass. The results are available at the end, with a full report. Versant scores align with the Global Scale of English (GSE).


Three practice tips for Wells Fargo applicants

Three tips to hack the Wells Fargo online tests 

Prioritize math skills

Math can be learned and improved in a short time using formulas. Besides, since Wells Fargo operates in the finance industry, math skills are essential for all positions.

Learn basic math knowledge and focus on understanding percentages, ratios, fractions, weighted averages, and basic statistics. These are commonly used in financial calculations. 

Familiarize yourself with algebraic terms and their meanings in English. This is especially important if you are a non-native English.

Practice reading skills

Strong reading skills are important for understanding instructions, policies, and other written materials.

Practice techniques like skimming (quickly reading to get the main idea) and scanning (looking for specific information). 

Learn common words used in banking and finance in English to understand your job better.

Practice relevant skills (Depending on the job)

Depending on the specific job you are applying for, you may need to practice additional skills.

If your job needs you to be good at Excel, practice with the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Excel test. You can also take an online class to get better. 

Make sure you understand basic English well, like at least level B2 on the Global Scale of English (GSE). Many apps online can help you improve your English, such as Elsa, Duolingo, Memrise, etc.

For roles that require problem-solving tests, practice one problem-solving test every day. This helps you get used to the test and get better at solving problems.


Free practice sources from MConsultingPrep

Available materials for beginners to learn about tests 

Check out our collection of over 80 free articles covering all kinds of tests. These articles were all recommended by experts, so they'll give you everything you need to do well in your applications to your dream jobs.

Aptitude test package and free mock tests

We also have an aptitude test package with over 1400 questions on numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning. Each question has a guide to help you understand how to answer it. 

Still not sure? Try our free mock test to see what the real tests are like.

Comprehensive math drills and a free mental math tool

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And we even have free mental math drills so you can improve without a calculator. Don't wait – start learning now!

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