Coca Cola Assessment Test: Guidelines, Tips & Free Tests

Coca Cola assessment test is a 45-minute challenge that you have to face to join this awesome beverage company.

The test can either be a traditional one with multiple-choice questions or a fun game-based challenge. There isn't a single format for these tests. Coca-Cola customizes each one depending on the job and branch you're applying for.

These are three main test types that you may face: aptitude test, behavioral test and cognitive ability game. 

This article contains everything you need to know about the test, along with valuable tips and practice materials to ensure your success. Keep reading to discover more!


Overview of Coca Cola

Coca-Cola is one of the most famous and largest beverage companies in the world. You can find their drinks in more than 200 countries! They have over 500 different brands, offering a wide variety of beverages. 

To find new talent, Coca-Cola has several recruitment programs, such as internships, graduate programs, technical and specialist roles, and apprenticeships.


Overview of Coca Cola assessment test

Overview of Coca Cola online test

The second recruitment step

Coca Cola Assessment Test is a useful tool that helps the company find people who have the skills they need and who would actually enjoy working there.

This test usually happens in the second round of the hiring process, after you apply online but before you go to interviews and other assessments.

Throughout the test, you may be asked to see how good you are at things like math, logic, reading, and solving problems. It could also check whether you are a suitable teammate or a potential leader.

But remember, not all Coca-Cola programs use this challenge. It is usually only for Graduate Program and Technical & Specialist Program.

Coca Cola recruitment process

Two formats: traditional and gamified assessments

Coca-Cola uses two kinds of tests when hiring people: traditional and gamified assessments. Which one is chosen depends on the branch that you apply for.

The traditional test has four multiple-choice sections that you often see in many other assessment tests: numerical, verbal, inductive reasoning and situational judgment.

The gamified test is more like playing a game on your phone or computer. It tests the same skills as the traditional test, but in a more interactive and enjoyable format. 

Coca-Cola uses a special genre called C-factor game. It uses fancy technology like neuroscience (the study of how we think, feel, and make decisions) and artificial intelligence to make sure everyone has a fair shot at getting the job. 

The C-Factor game takes you on an adventure in a virtual Coca-Cola office world. You'll find yourself doing things like solving puzzles and making decisions in fun and interactive ways. 

Unlike the traditional test, which only has multiple-choice questions, the game-based test has even more types of questions, like puzzles, navigation and ordering tasks.

Different formats, different platforms

The test happens on different platforms depending on where you're applying. 

Some regional offices might use The Talent Games or Pymetrics for a fun, game-like test. Others might go with SHL for a more traditional setup.

However, no matter what platforms they use, the goal is the same: to find the most suitable candidates for the job. So don’t worry if they choose a platform that you have never used. Just focus on improving your cognitive ability.

Traditional vs Game-based assessment

A 45-minute challenge with 3 main test types

The test lasts for around 45 minutes, excluding the personality and leadership parts.

There isn’t any standard structure for Coca Cola test. They consider different types depending on the job and branch. These are the main types that are often considered:

  • Aptitude test: check how good you are with numbers, language, and figures
  • Behavioral test: check your personality, leadership potential and culture fit with the company
  • Cognitive ability games: check your memory and problem-solving skills

Three types in Coca Cola test


Coca Cola aptitude test

Coca Cola's aptitude tests come in four sub-types, each measuring different skills:

Four subtypes in the Coca Cola aptitude test

Numerical reasoning test 

This section is all about how well you handle numbers. You'll see clues like charts, graphs, and even tables with numbers and words.

Your job is to look at all this data, pick out the most important ones and calculate the answer. 

It seems challenging but don’t worry, you have your calculator to solve the problems more quickly.

A sample of a numerical reasoning question (Source: MConsultingPrep)

Correct answer: A. 25.7%


The exports of the company in 2015 = $3M

So, the total assets in 2015 = 3/0.05 = $60M

Total revenue = $60M + $100M = $160M

The total expenditure for 2015 is $80M as the expenses were 50% of the revenue.

The sales, total expenditure, assets, exports, and number of workers increase by 10%, 2%, 3%, 10%, and 1% respectively.

We can calculate as the table (in million dollar):

Expenditure in year 2018 = $84.9M Assets in year 2019 = $67.5M

Percentage increase = (84.9 - 67.5)/67.5 = 25.7%

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Verbal reasoning test

This part looks at your reading skills and critical thinking. You will be presented with short pieces of writing followed by statements. 

Your task is to determine whether each statement is "True" based on the information explicitly provided in the passage, "False" if it goes against the passage, or "Cannot Say" if the passage does not give enough information.

A sample of a verbal reasoning question (Source: MConsultingPrep)

Correct answer: A. TRUE


The passage clearly confirms that it takes some time for animals to learn precise coordination of leg muscles and tendons. This obtains the same idea with the given statement as "master" has the same meaning as "learn", "precise" has the same meaning with "accurate" and "go through a process" has the same meaning as "take some time".

To know more about verbal reasoning test, try these 250 practice questions. Each question has a detailed explanation to help you improve your skills.

And the best part? We offer free practice tests so you can check whether it is best fit for you.

Logical reasoning test (Inductive reasoning test)

Inductive reasoning test is a kind of logical reasoning test. Some people also refer to it as the abstract reasoning test.

In this section, you will be shown a series of shapes or figures and need to find the missing one in the sequence. There's a pattern, but it's up to you to figure it out.

A sample of an inductive reasoning question (Source: MConsultingPrep)

Correct answer: C


Elements: There are three elements: black dots, white dots


  • Other figures each have two black dots that are indirectly connected (connect through white dots)
  • The odd one has two black dots that are directly connected

Looking to ace your inductive reasoning test but have a limited budget? 

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Mechanical reasoning test

If you're applying for technical jobs at Coca-Cola, you might come across a mechanical reasoning test. This test checks how well you understand machinery and basic physical concepts. You'll see multiple-choice questions related to diagrams they provide.

For entry-level technical roles, you might take a test like the Bennett Test of Mechanical Comprehension. This helps them see if you get the basics of the job.

But for more experienced positions, like maintenance mechanics, you might need to take a Ramsay Mechanical Test. This one checks both your theoretical knowledge and your practical skills.

A sample of a mechanical reasoning question (reconstructed interface)

Correct answer: D.22.5


The smaller cog rotates 1.5 times faster than the larger cog because it has fewer teeth. Therefore, if the larger gear with 30 teeth turns 15 times, the smaller gear will turn 1.5 times more. 

So the answer is: 15 x 1.5 = 22.5.


Coca Cola behavioral test

Coca Cola uses these three subtypes to evaluate your behaviors: Personality Questionnaire, Situational Judgment Test and DDI Leadership Test.

Three sub-types in the Coca Cola behavioral test

Personality test

Coca Cola personality test uses the Big 5 model, which looks at 5 traits:

  • Openness to experience: Willingness to try new things.
  • Conscientiousness: How organized and responsible you are.
  • Extraversion: How outgoing and social you are.
  • Agreeableness: How friendly and cooperative you are.
  • Neuroticism: Emotional stability and resilience to stress.

The common tool they use to conduct the questionnaire is Hogan Assessments, which provide insights into how individuals may behave in various situations.

There aren't any right or wrong answers in this test - it's just about understanding what kind of person you are.

A sample of a personality question (reconstructed interface)

Situational judgement test

For this sub-type, Coca Cola chooses certain skills and behaviors they believe are needed for the job and then puts you in imaginary work situations to see if you have them.

You have to choose the best action or decide which responses would work best.

A sample of a situational judgement question (reconstructed interface)

Correct answer: C) - most likely; A) - least likely 


C is the most likely response. It shows you are eager to take on extra responsibilities and have considered ways to ensure both projects succeed. You’re demonstrating that you can empower and support your colleague without getting involved in every detail.

A is the least likely response. Your manager is showing trust in you by offering the chance to lead a project in a different department. As a graduate, you should enthusiastically seize such opportunities and find ways to deliver all projects successfully. Declining the offer could mean missing out on future opportunities.

DDI Leadership Test

If you want to apply for managerial positions at Coca-Cola, there's a special test called the DDI leadership test

It looks at how you make decisions, your skills for the job, and how well you can plan and organize tasks. Basically, it sees if you've got what it takes to lead a team.

A sample of the DDI leadership test (reconstructed image)

Correct answer: C


This option is generally preferred as it addresses the conflict directly, promotes open communication, and seeks a mutually acceptable resolution, which are key leadership qualities.


Coca Cola cognitive ability games

Cognitive ability games are basically brain teasers in video game form. You will see a series of short games that see how good you are at solving problems, remembering things, and making decisions.

Please note that each game only lasts for 1-2 minutes and every wrong answer will take away your points. So to get a high score, be ready to think fast and accurately!

The good news is, if your internet cuts out while you're playing, you can restart the game twice and continue from where you left off.

To help you know more about this unique test type, let's take a closer look at the Coca-Cola online games in Pakistan in 2023!

When you apply for Coca-Cola in Pakistan, you'll encounter 10 games, divided into 5 main types, and it takes around 45 minutes to complete them all. 

Role Play allows you to answer each question for 60 seconds. However, for the other games, you only have around 2 minutes for each to get as high a score as possible.

Role play

You'll face this game at least 5 times with different scenarios. It puts you in a situation and asks how you'd respond. 

Unlike typical Situational Judgment Tests, it asks follow-up questions based on your answers, and there are no right or wrong answers

Example of the Role play game in Coca Cola cognitive ability game
(Source: The Talent Games)

Park it

In this game, you see parked cars with numbers forming a sequence. 

Your task is to pick the right moving car with the correct number and park it in the correct parking spot. 

Example of the Park it game in Coca Cola cognitive ability game
(Source: The Talent Games)

Light’s out

This game is like a word order game. You have to create a meaningful sentence by arranging given phrases correctly.

Example of the Light’s out game in Coca Cola cognitive ability game
(Source: The Talent Games)

Make way

This game asks you to fly a spaceship through a path to find treasure, but watch out for space pirates! If you are caught by space pirates, you will lose all your points.

Example of the Make way game in Coca Cola cognitive ability game
(Source: The Talent Games)

Flip flop

This one tests your sense of direction. You'll see a plane and need to figure out which way it's flying and pointing.

Example of the Flip Flop game in Coca Cola cognitive ability game
(Source: The Talent Games)

Seems complicated, right? Don't worry, most of the games (except the role-play) will give you instructions and a short practice round before you start. You'll also see your score after you finish each game.


How to ace Coca Cola assessment test

Coca Cola Test Tips

Learn fundamental knowledge and theory

To prepare for the Coca-Cola assessment test, make sure you have a good grasp of fundamental knowledge and theory.

Ensure you're confident with algebra terms in English, especially if English isn't your native language.

Second, understand the use of basic math concepts like percentages, ratios, fractions and weighted averages.

Additionally, familiarize yourself with business-related concepts such as margins, breakeven, growth rates, discount rates, cash flow, and payback

You can practice interpreting common types of charts by looking at reports from consulting or market research firms, for example:

  • Line graphs
  • Bar/column charts
  • Stacked area, stacked bar/column
  • Pie charts

Lastly, don’t forget to improve your reading skills. Learn to skim, scan, and summarize information in your own words, as this will be useful for verbal reasoning tests.

Fundamental knowledge & theory should be learned before the test

Get ready with game-based platforms

Another helpful tip for the Coca-Cola assessment test is to gain experience with gamified platforms. 

You can start by exploring TheTalentGames, which is the platform Coca-Cola uses. Although you can't play the actual Coca-Cola games there, it shows what these gamified assessments can be like

Also, practice similar games or free interactive challenges on other platforms like Pymetrics, Criteria Corp, and Test Partnership. Free practice sessions help you get used to the format and feel more comfortable when you take the real Coca-Cola assessment

Master your revision time wisely

First, figure out what you're good at and what you need to work on

Then, prioritize practicing each type of test. You can rank them based on what you find most challenging, how much they contribute to your final score, or how easy they are to improve.

Consider starting with the numerical tests, as these are easier to improve by learning the formulas.

To ensure your progress, try to study every day, even for a short time. It is better than just cramming the night before. You can practice at least one test per day and take some time to review after each test to remember things better.

Moreover, don't wait until the last minute to prepare. Give yourself at least a month to practice and get comfortable with the test.

Get familiar with Coca Cola’s values

The Coca-Cola company has a set of values that are important to them. These values might show up in the test, especially in Situational Judgment Test or Role play games. Therefore, understanding the values of Coca-Cola can help you approach the test with a better understanding of what the company is looking for in its employees.

Also, thinking about Coca-Cola's values can help you decide if this company is a good fit for you. After all, you will want to work with people who share your beliefs.

Use the right resources

You can begin with GMAT tests because they're similar to the Coca Cola test, especially for numerical and verbal reasoning. You can find GMAT practice tests and study guides online from places like the London Business School or Hult International Business School.


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