How Hard is the BCG Online Case?

As a part of Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) recruitment process, the BCG online case is considered a challenge for many candidates.

In this post, we share BCG Casey’s pass rate, why the BCG Online case is so difficult, what makes candidates fail this assessment, and a free trial of BCG Casey online chatbot.

So, let’s find out how hard BCG Casey is, and what you should do to increase your chance of passing the test.


Overview of BCG online case

The BCG online case or BCG Casey is a computer-based test where you tackle a business problem without an interviewer. 

You receive an overview of a client, details about their business problem, and relevant data about their business and market. 

Your task is to solve a business case under a conversation format including a set of questions regarding interactive chatting environment 

It is similar to a case interview, but BCG Casey solves the case with a chatbot rather than an interviewer. 

BCG uses this test to evaluate your business judgment, logical reasoning, and math skills. 

By using this format, BCG can see how well you analyze data, interpret insights, and propose solutions in a real business scenario.

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Overview of BCG Casey Online Chatbot


BCG Casey’s pass rate

The exact pass rate of the BCG Casey chatbot test is not officially public. However, it is estimated to be between 20% and 30%, which aligns with the typical pass rates for other assessments. 

BCG evaluates candidates not only based on the answers but also on their overall problem-solving process.

So, your approach to breaking down and addressing complex issues is a crucial part of the scoring criteria.

BCG Casey’s pass rate


Four reasons make BCG Casey hard

Time pressure

The BCG Casey chatbot has two parts: a set of questions and a video recording

  • For the first part, you have only 25 to 30 minutes to solve 6 to 8 questions, which means you can spend only 3 to 5 minutes on each question

  • In the video recording part, you have 1 minute to prepare and 1 minute to present your ideas and solutions

This short time limit requires you to think quickly and present your ideas clearly. If you are not well-prepared or used to presenting your ideas, this can be particularly difficult.

BCG Casey’s time pressure

Different answer formats

A factor that makes the BCG Casey chatbot challenging is its use of different answer formats. 

There are five answer formats, including multiple-select and single-select multiple-choice, short-text, long-text, and video recording. 

BCG Online Case’s five answer formats

Three formats — multiple-select multiple-choice, long-text, and video recording — are particularly difficult for candidates.

In multiple-select multiple-choice questions, you must choose several correct answers from 8 to 10 options. 

Sometimes, the instructions only tell you to choose the fewest appropriate answers without specifying the exact number. This can be confusing, and many candidates find it hard because they do not know whether they have chosen enough answers.

Example of multiple-select answer format (Source: MConsultingPrep)

Long-text answers usually appear in structuring, summary, or intuition questions. You are required to express your ideas in three to four sentences without any suggestions or guidelines. 

You need to rely on the context of the question and information from previous questions to conduct your analysis and viewpoints. It may be hard to express your views in such limited sentences and to use information from previous questions to make conclusions.

Example of long-text answer format (Source: MConsultingPrep)

Another challenging answer format is the video recording, which appears in the final part of the BCG Casey test

You will make a client pitch and provide your analysis and conclusions on the case problem. You will not have a second chance if you make any mistake.

Questions are similar to the ones in a case interview 

The content of the test is similar to a traditional case interview, but you cannot ask an interviewer for more information. You must rely solely on the data and information provided in the questions. 

Any misunderstanding or wrong insights can lead to failure since there's no guidance from an interviewer to help you check your understanding.

Additionally, the test includes difficult math questions, which require strong math skills. You will have to analyze data accurately and quickly under time pressure

The requirement of understanding complex data and solving math problems makes the BCG Casey test particularly tough.

You need business intuition and interpretation ability

The BCG Online case requires candidates to have business knowledge and skills. 

One of them is business intuition, which includes a fundamental understanding of business concepts. This makes BCG Casey harder than other tests. 

Candidates may be asked to evaluate potential costs and benefits to make decisions and provide conclusions and recommendations. 

This determines how well they can apply their business intuition to complex scenarios and give relevant insights and directions. 

The test also demands strong interpretation ability, requiring candidates to swiftly read, comprehend, and analyze the provided information effectively. 

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Requirements for business intuition and interpretation ability


What should you learn to pass the BCG Casey?

 Learn case interview

To pass the BCG Casey chatbot test, it's essential for you to learn case interviews because BCG Casey familiarizes the formats and contents of a case interview. 

Understanding how to solve a case interview is crucial. 

It involves opening with a clear statement of the problem and your plan to address it, structuring your approach using frameworks, and concluding with a summary of your findings and recommendations. 

You should familiarize yourself with consulting terms and concepts, such as levers, best practices, granular details, MECE (Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive), issue trees, frameworks, problems, solutions, root causes, data, and hypotheses. 

Additionally, you should learn to speak like a consultant, using professional and precise language, especially for the video recording question. 

What to learn about case interview

Learn basic business knowledge

You should understand basic business concepts, such as financial and business terms like market size, growth, market share, profitability, cost, and revenue. These terms are important because they are used in the questions of BCG Casey.

You need to be good at basic math. This includes simple arithmetic like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 

You also need to know how to work with percentages, ratios, and proportions, understanding averages, mean, mode, and median

You should also learn some financial math, like calculating profit margins, break-even points, and return on investment (ROI). 

Basic and business knowledge to learn

Improve skills set

To pass the BCG Casey, you need to develop several key skills. 

  • Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills are important for structuring questions, helping you break down complex problems into manageable parts, then enhance your performance.

  • Business judgment

It helps you to have the right approach and provide suitable solutions to business scenarios. 

  • Logical reasoning

It enables you to think clearly and make connections between different pieces of information. 

  • Mathematical aptitude

Mathematical aptitude helps you perform better in math questions and reduce your calculation time. 

Graph reading and interpretation skills are essential for better understanding the questions' context. 

These skills help you to analyze data presented in graphs and charts and draw appropriate conclusions and solutions based on that information. 

Skills set to pass BCG Casey online chatbot 


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